Dave’s career started in 1992 at the largest European FX company of it’s day Image Animation, where he was workshop supervisor/manager up until 2002.

He has since worked around the world with many companies including: Millennium FX, Neil Courbould, Creature Effects, Alterian Studios and Spectral Motion and is a highly sought after sculptor/designer, prosthetic make up artist, writer, illustrator and tutor.

During his long career he has worked on hundreds of productions both large and small as a designer, sculptor, make up artist and FX supervisor including: Event Horizon, Hellboy II & The Golden Army, Troy, 28 Weeks Later, Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince, Clash of the Titans, Dr Who, Dog Soldiers and Oliver Stone’s Alexander.





After gaining her degree in Scenic Design from Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema Rita made the move to the UK to study prosthetics at the internationally renowned Gorton Studio. On completion of the course Rita quickly found work with numerous British Effects companies including Millennium FX, Krystian Mallet and Barrie Gower FX.

Although she has only been working professionally since 2012 Rita has rapidly established herself in the highly competitive UK film industry as a talented sculptor/designer as well as an exceptional prosthetic make up artist.

To date she has worked on numerous high profile movie productions and TV ads as well as making major contributions to Emmy and BAFTA award winning TV shows Dr Who and Game of Thrones.





With EffectArt Dave and Rita are combining their skills and experience to offer an exceptional service of professionalism and cutting edge materials and techniques never before available to the Portuguese film, TV and advertising industries.

It’s sometimes difficult for clients (or even anyone else NOT in our industry) to understand why creating make up effects is so expensive and time consuming and trying to explain over the phone or via e-mail just WHY we can’t produce an original, custom make up for a shoot next week rarely works either.

Hopefully this picture of some of the moulds and casts needed to produce ONE old age make up will help people understand that from life casting the actor to having a finished, applicable make up takes many laborious, time intensive processes!

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